Aly can read the stars like no one can! She sends out an energy of trust and guidance right away and together with her astro wisdom, empathy and intuition she will look at your life in ways you’ve never looked at before. The things we can read in the stars are so very powerful and truthful and Aly is the perfect person to translate them for you. Whether it is personal relationships, family matters, career paths or health, Aly guided me through all those parts of my life by helping me understand who I am and how I work. She has the answers, explanations and connects the dots to a point where everything makes sense. Aly will light the path and change your life for the better, as she changed mine in ways I could never think of and I’m so very grateful to have met her.

-Nat N. Australia 2019-

"I had my very first chart reading with Aly and am a convert now! She goes beyond the basic astrology you can find online and connects parts of your life that allow you deeper insight. She was respectful and sensitive but tapped into problem areas and strengths I can address going forward. I was very impressed and would recommend anyone go see her to gain a greater understanding of how to move forward in their lives!"

- Chris from Temecula 2019—

Aly helped translate my experiences by reading my chart. She discussed layers of my personality, the person I can aspire to be professionally and the way I communicate. She used my chart to point me in the direction that I was meant to go and it made all the difference. If you know what your perfect conditions are then you can work towards them. She showed me how brilliant astrology is in a way that is down to earth, useful, relatable and always with a sense of humor.

- DJB Munich Germany 2019-

“I was skeptical of astrology in general, but Aly made a believer out of me. Understanding my chart helped explain so much about my life’s current challenges, and gave amazing insight into how to make the future better. Everything intrinsically made sense & I’ve been coming back for check-ins periodically for years now. Thank you Aly, you helped get me on track!”

-Cristina L. F. Laguna Nigel-2019 

“Think of it as a fun and insightful tool that can change your life! Astrology is an ancient practice that helped people understand the past & future for over a millennia. In one session alone, Aly helped me understand & accept aspects of myself that otherwise would have taken years to uncover. She is compassionate, intuitive, and so much fun to be around. And It’s not all woo-woo stuff. She is a leadership coach and expert in emotional intelligence. You won’t regret trying it out.” 

- Francesca F. Pacific Palisades-2019

Aly’s energy is calming, inspiring, and incredibly welcoming all at the same time. She’s invested in her work and was extremely impactful in allowing me to see things from a whole new perspective. What I loved most about her reading was the incredible detail in my coaching session and she also provided me with the tools and knowledge I could use on my own that have allowed me to improve my leadership and personal growth. I would highly recommend Alycia to anyone who is looking for insight and is open to learning more about astrology as a wonderful tool!  -B. LF- Los Angeles- 2019